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Welcome to our Geography Blog. We'll be discussing many exciting geography topics here, some including mini-lessons for your class. It is our hope to share interesting geography topics with you and we hope you'll follow this blog and share it with others!

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  • LAST CLASS Before Summer from Professor Earthworm

    Hello Students!

    It’s that time of year when School vacation is upon us. Some of you are already on vacation while others are just finishing up the last classes! I hope you had a good school year.  

    One of my favorite places to visit in the summer is Cape Cod....


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  • Professor Earthworm's Geography Course

    Good morning (or good afternoon) Students. Here I am again, Professor Earthworm!

    This week our cartography project is extra fun and interesting! Many of us have heard about the giant tortoises that inhabit the Galapagos Islands. Many of us, as I was, might not be exactly sure where these volcanic islands are located....

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  • More student maps arrive!

    We were so pleased to receive a whole packet of student maps from the Sidney Fenn Elementary School in Medina, Ohio!   Visit to our COMMUNITY PHOTO GALLERY to see the FOUR new additions! 

    All of the maps were great -- super job, kids!   And the BASIC MAP SKILLS map (Oceanside), shown here even had extra details, like streets, drawn in!


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  • Showcasing our Latest MAP GALLERY entry!

    Our new MAP GALLERY entry is from.....

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  • Professor Earthworm's Geography Course!

    Hello Students,
    Welcome to my class! My name is Professor Earthworm and this is my Geography Course. I will be showing you how to study different topics of geography, especially cartography.

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